Company Profile

Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional semiconductor device and solution supplier and consultant team. We promote, market, and distribute high quality, high efficiency power semiconductor to serve Taiwan and international customers. We provide services to the customers in the market of general power conversion, motor control, lighting, industrial, renewable energy, and other energy efficient required power applications.

Efficient also provide consultant service for the emergent semiconductor companies to develop their business in the Greater China markets. We aim to bring significant values to both our partner companies and our customers by effectively introducing the right products to the right customers.

Our Competitive Advantage

Along with the promulgation of more and more energy-efficient policies, power application customers need a capable supplier to provide the right power components to shorten their design schedule. With long term experience and industrial knowledge, our people are familiar with the industry regulation and understand very well what customers care in choosing a power semiconductor product. We are able to provide high performance and high efficiency power devices in very short time. Not only that, we realize the cost pressure always an issue with customers. We provide price completive products that help our customers to easily meet their price performance targets.

We supply different form factors of power semiconductor, including FRED chip, FRED discrete, and a variety of power modules. Our flexibility to satisfy customer's demand highlights our business uniqueness different from the other suppliers. We are more than happy to make custom products based on required specifications at insignificant or even free extra cost. Customers can capitalize our custom ability to save large design costs and bring their product much early time to market.

Our Strategic Investor

Efficient International Technology is strategically invested by MacMic Science & Technology, a reputable China power semiconductor device design and manufacture company. Efficient will be on behalf of MacMic to operate as MacMic International Business Development Office in Taipei and will provide professional application supports to MacMic's international customers. MacMic has well-known capability to design and make high power and high performance chip, discrete, and module products with competitive price. Efficient is committed to introduce MacMic's outstanding products to the power applications customers in the rapid growing international market.