Published: July, 17, 2010


Taipei, Taiwan, July 1, 2010 –MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (MacMic), the High-Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province, China, have signed a strategic investment agreement with Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd. (Efficient), a professional power semiconductor supplier and consultant team based in Taipei, Taiwan, to further implement MacMic's international business plan. Accordingly, Efficient will be on behalf of MacMic to expand and operate as MacMic International Business Development Office in Taipei. After joined by the team from Efficient, the office will have more resources to serve MacMic's international customers and be able to more effectively promote MacMic power semiconductor chips, discrete, and modules products to the rapid growing international market.

As an important strategic partner to MacMic, Efficient is entrusted to provide professional application supports to MacMic's international customers, such as manufacturer of SMPS, UPS, welder, plasma cutter, inverter, motor drive, electric vehicle, and renewable energy inversion system. The office can also deliver much faster response to the customer pre-sales and after-sales requests.

Shane Zhao, CEO and President of MacMic said, "MacMic is proud of numerous official certification and technical achievements, including 'High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province' and 'Drafter of National Standard for IGBT'. In terms of market performance, MacMic power semiconductors have received high recognition for superior cost performance that really helps our products to gain popularity in China and many other countries. To satisfy the increasing global demands of our outstanding performance and price-competitive products as well as our flexible custom design supports, we believe MacMic will quickly increase market share in global business arena after our strategic investment to Efficient.

Kent Feng, Senior Director of Efficient stated, "We are excited to be part of MacMic business development resources through this cooperation. With our long term experience and industrial knowledge, and backup by MacMic's excellent R&D skill and great product performance, we are confident that MacMic products will soon be adopted for more applications by the international customers. Especially given MacMic so successful in the recent projects with some international customers, we expect these achievements have laid a stone foundation to the cooperation between MacMic and Efficient.

The MacMic International Business Development Office has been established in Taipei, Taiwan and started daily business operation now. For more MacMic product and service questions, please contact us at We will provide the latest updates to you immediately.

About MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.:

MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company consisting of scientists and engineers with expertise of power electronics and long term engaged in development and production of power electronic products at home and abroad. The goal of the company is to provide customers with energy-efficient power electronic products as well as to provide solutions to power electronic applications.

About Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd.:

Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional semiconductor device and solution supplier and consultant team. Efficient promote, market, and distribute high quality, high efficiency power semiconductor to serve Taiwan and international customers. Efficient provide services to the customers in the market of general power conversion, motor control, lighting, industrial, renewable energy, and other energy efficient required power applications. Efficient is also on behalf of MacMic to operate as MacMic International Business Development Office.

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