Fast Diode Chip

MacMic is proud to be the earliest China company to successfully develop high power Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED) chips featured with the best price-performance in the market.

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Fast Diode Discrete

The FRED discrete inherits all the features of MacMic FRED chip and brings customers an even better value in terms of price-performance consideration.

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IGBT Discrete

MacMic successfully introduced high-power IGBT discrete in the TO-247 package by using a self-developed low Vce Trench Field-Stop IGBT chip.

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Fast Diode Module

MacMic FRED module is fully made by our own FRED chip with the best cost performance in the industry. Based on the market requirements, we have products made in the low-cost non-isolated package and the full-isolated package. They have characteristics of fast and soft recovery characteristics which are excellent using in high speed switching such as PFC applications. The product line also offers various inside circuit configuration.

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IGBT Module

MacMic partners with other leading companies to acquire the advanced technology of IGBT chips as one of our die sources. In the meantime, we are also developing our own IGBT chips as another die source to be packaged in our IGBT modules. MacMic IGBT module features the “HN” series, which enables the design up to 50Khz in hard switching with Vce(sat) around ~ 2.0V. It's a great fit for high-frequency applications.

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MacMic MOSFET modules come with some exclusive features. The low Rds(on) of the MOSFET module can work as a high power Synchronous Rectifier to achieve better efficiency in the high power equipment, such as Plating Power. The 6-Pack and Half-Bridge configuration is perfect for the inverter circuit of a battery source 2KW~15KW Motor Drive.

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Thyristor Module

Thyristor modules are manufactured by soldering and bonding contact process using extremely low leakage current and high-reliability Thyristor chips. The product line is popular for its long lifetime and stable operation performance thanks to our high production and material quality control.

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Rectifier Diode Module

MacMic provides Rectifier Diode Modules for single-phase and three-phase AC source applications. Like our other module product lines, the Rectifier Diode Modules are fully compatible with the industry common configurations that give the customer a better choice for good quality at a more acceptable price.

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Three-Phase Rectifier Module

Our Rectifier Diode Modules have a Blocking Voltage of more than 1600V and are available for higher rating requests. The superior Short Circuit Current (i²t) and Surge Current (Ifsm) specifications show the ruggedness of the modules that are more reliable to work in a tougher AC Line input condition.

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